Talks and presentations

Conference Presentations

  1. Liu M., Yang X., Huang C., Vella, D., Wang Y. Hsia, K. J. Strain-mismatch enabled shape- morphing metamaterials: from artificial plants to architected structures, PlasmoMat-2022, London, UK. (Invited presentation)
  2. Liu M., Gomez, M., Vella, D. Delayed bifurcation in elastic snap-through. APS March Meeting 2021, Virtual meeting. (Oral presentation)
  3. Liu M., Domino L., Vella D. Spider-morphs: Designing 3D shapes from multiple tapered elasticæ. APS March Meeting 2020, Denver, USA. (Virtual meeting, Oral presentation)
  4. Liu M., Vella D. Effects of boundary conditions on snap-through instabilities. SES 2019, St. Louis, USA (Oral presentation)
  5. Liu M., Wu J., Gan Y., Chen, C. Multiscale modeling of effective elastic properties of fluid-filled porous materials. Biot Conference-2017, Paris, France. (Poster presentation)
  6. Liu M., Wu J., Gan Y. Hanaor D., Chen, C. Evaporation limited capillary penetration in porous media. IWMEM 2016, Sydney, Australia. (Oral presentation & Section Chair)
  7. Liu M., Gan Y. Wu J., Chen C. Surface effect on the adsorption-induced deformation of ordered porous material. ICTAM 2016, Montréal, Canada. (Poster presentation)
  8. Liu M., Flores-Johnson E., Shen L., Chen C., Gan Y., Numerical simulations of wrinkling by patterned defects in metal thin films. ICCM 2015, Auckland, New Zealand. (Oral presentation)
  9. Liu M. & Chen C. Fracture of saturated porous media: A two-dimensional model analysis. APCFS/SIF-2014, Sydney, Australia. (Oral presentation)

Invited Seminars

  1. University of Amsterdam, Institute of Physics, Sept. 2022
  2. Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Physical Intelligence Department, Sept. 2022
  3. EASF_Young Webinar (Virtual), March 2021
  4. Beijing University of Technology, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, April 2020
  5. Technische Universität Berlin, Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Nov. 2019
  6. Shandong University, Department of Engineering Mechanics, April 2018
  7. Fudan University, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nov. 2017
  8. The University of Sydney, School of Civil Engineering, Sept. 2017