Talks and presentations

Conference Presentations

  1. 2023/12   Liu M. Transforming 2D to 3D: Kirigami Enable Shape-Morphing, Workshop on Geometrically Guided Analysis and Design in Optimization and Control, NTU, Singapore. (Invited presentation)
  2. 2023/10   Liu M., Guo K., Hsia K.J. Dehydration-induced shape-morphing in leaves: From natural to artificial systems, SES 2023, Minneapolis, USA. (Oral presentation & Section Chair)
  3. 2023/09   Liu M., Yang X., Hsia K.J., Wang Y. Hierarchical tessellation enables general 3D shape-morphing structures, UK Metamaterials Network International Conference on Mechanical Metamaterials (ICMM 2023), Manchester, UK. (Oral presentation)
  4. 2023/09   Liu M., Guo K., Vella D., Hsia K.J. Dehydration-induced shape-morphing in leaves: from natural to artificial systems, 7th Edwards Symposium, Cambridge, UK. (Poster presentation & Elevator Pitch)
  5. 2023/04   Liu M., Vella, D. Harnessing Snap-through for Power-amplification in Jumping, RoboSoft 2023, Singapore. (Invited presentation)
  6. 2023/03   Liu M., Domino L., Taffetani M., Vella, D. Elastic instability enabled shape-morphing metamaterials, APS March Meeting 2023, Las Vegas, USA. (Oral presentation)
  7. 2022/05   Liu M., Yang X., Huang C., Vella D., Wang Y., Hsia, K.J. Strain-mismatch enabled shape- morphing metamaterials: from artificial plants to architected structures, PlasmoMat-2022, London, UK. (Invited presentation)
  8. 2021/03   Liu M., Gomez, M., Vella, D. Delayed bifurcation in elastic snap-through. APS March Meeting 2021, Virtual meeting. (Oral presentation)
  9. 2020/03   Liu M., Domino L., Vella D. Spider-morphs: Designing 3D shapes from multiple tapered elasticæ. APS March Meeting 2020, Denver, USA. (Virtual meeting, Oral presentation)
  10. 2019/10   Liu M., Vella D. Effects of boundary conditions on snap-through instabilities. SES 2019, St. Louis, USA. (Oral presentation)
  11. 2017/07   Liu M., Wu J., Gan Y., Chen, C. Multiscale modeling of effective elastic properties of fluid-filled porous materials. Biot Conference-2017, Paris, France. (Poster presentation)
  12. 2016/11   Liu M., Wu J., Gan Y. Hanaor D., Chen, C. Evaporation limited capillary penetration in porous media. IWMEM 2016, Sydney, Australia. (Oral presentation & Section Chair)
  13. 2016/08   Liu M., Gan Y. Wu J., Chen C. Surface effect on the adsorption-induced deformation of ordered porous material. ICTAM 2016, Montréal, Canada. (Poster presentation)
  14. 2015/04   Liu M., Flores-Johnson E., Shen L., Chen C., Gan Y., Numerical simulations of wrinkling by patterned defects in metal thin films. ICCM 2015, Auckland, New Zealand. (Oral presentation)
  15. 2014/12   Liu M. & Chen C. Fracture of saturated porous media: A two-dimensional model analysis. APCFS/SIF-2014, Sydney, Australia. (Oral presentation)

Invited Seminars

  1. 2023/12   National University of Singapore, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Invited by Prof. Wei Zhai)
  2. 2023/05   Southwest Jiaotong University, School of Mechanics and Engineering (Invited by Prof. Kaijuan Chen)
  3. 2023/05   Fudan University, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Invited by Prof. Fan Xu)
  4. 2023/04   Zhejiang University, Department of Engineering Mechanics (Invited by Prof. Guoyong Mao)
  5. 2023/04   Beijing University of Technology, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering (Invited by Prof. Junjie Liu)
  6. 2023/04   Peking University, College of Engineering (Invited by Prof. Zhaohe Dai)
  7. 2023/03   iCANX Youth Talks (Virtual) (Invited by Prof. Zhen Yin)
  8. 2023/03   University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Invited by Prof. Lihua Jin)
  9. 2022/09   University of Amsterdam, Institute of Physics (Invited by Prof. Corentin Coulais)
  10. 2022/09   Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Physical Intelligence Department (Invited by Prof. Metin Sitti)
  11. 2021/03   EASF_Young Webinar (Virtual) (Invited by Prof. Xuan Zhang)
  12. 2020/04   Beijing University of Technology, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering (Invited by Prof. Jiajia Mao)
  13. 2019/11   Technische Universität Berlin, Institute of Materials Science and Technology (Invited by Dr. Dorian A. H. Hanaor)
  14. 2018/04   Shandong University, Department of Engineering Mechanics (Invited by Prof. Binglei Wang)
  15. 2017/11   Fudan University, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Invited by Prof. Fan Xu)
  16. 2017/09   The University of Sydney, School of Civil Engineering (Invited by Prof. Yixiang Gan)